Communications Resources

Approved New River Logos

The official New River logo is solid blue with a grey ring around the logomark and grey text for the word “Church.” Other variations are provided for situations when the main logo is not usable.

If you have questions about logo use or need a different variation, please check with Greg first. If you are sending a logo to a printer or t-shirt company, please let us help you select the right logo.

Note: we are phasing out the green from all logos and New River publications.

Official Logo (blue and grey)
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All Blue Logo
.ai  |  .psd  |  .jpg  |  .png

All Black Logo
.ai  |  .psd  |  .jpg  |  .png

All White Logo
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Protected: Staff Resources

Don’t tell anybody these. Seriously.

Blue Building WIFI Passwords

  • BlueStaff | Pass: allforyou

New Building WIFI Passwords

  • Staff | Pass: ForGodSoLoved
  • Check-In | Pass: CMD29710
  • TechArts (for tech team use only) | Pass: InTheBeginning


Note: These are all password protected networks. Do not give out Staff or Production network passwords to anyone who is not on paid staff. Everyone else should use the “New River Public” network.