NRL - Morning Study | Crossing The Waters by Leslie Leyland Fields

Tuesdays at 9:30am

Childcare Available
Registration is in person on January 16

Crossing The Waters by Leslie Leyland Fields (Right Now Media Study)
Steadfast Love by Lauren Chandler (Video/Workbook Study)
Led by Sheri Lichty and Tonya Davis
This group will be completing two shorter studies this semester.  

Homework: Both studies have a short video each week and the homework will take about 30 min/week to complete.
"Crossing the Waters" is set in the Gospels on the life of Christ. The author's passion and the great setting of the videos draw us into this study from the unique perspective of our author, whose family are Alaskan fishermen; she will use this setting as the backdrop to look at the fishermen disciples.  We will seek a greater understanding of Jesus and look for more ways we can obey His command to "Come, follow me".

Materials: We will provide you with a packet with homework for each week.
"Steadfast Love" will study Psalm 107. Through this study we will continue to follow Jesus though both the good and the bad, worshiping Him in it all.  We will learn to face everything with Jesus as our anchor.

Materials: You will need to purchase the "Steadfast Love" Bible Study Workbook.