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What a privilege it is for me to serve with you...the people of New River accomplishing the vision God has set out for us. We got to see God do many amazing things over the course of 2017. There were plenty of changes, challenges, and opportunities for God to stretch our faith and reveal His Goodness. We were able to renovate the former blue roof church building into a preschool, we hired our first Family Pastor & Music Director, and re-designed the River Kidz area. Most importantly though, we witnessed people’s lives change in our pursuit as a church to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This 2017 annual report is full of numbers...lots of numbers. My favorite understanding about these numbers isn’t how the numbers indicate growth or how we are doing financially, it’s how these numbers are tied to lives that have been changed or affected by what God is doing here at New River, in our community, and around the world! I absolutely love that and I sincerely love y’all...!

Thank you for supporting and being apart of our mission and making New River Church your home!
— Bryan Bradshaw Lead Pastor
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in 2017 we had:

1,236 First Time Guest

3,600 students attend NRS

12,240 kids attend River Kidz

79 people attend next steps

19 Decisions for Christ

31 baptisms

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IN 2017 WE gave:

670 pounds of toilet paper & paper towels

50 pounds of toiletry items

622 backpacks for students in the district

150 families fed at Thanksgiving

125 families were provided gifts for Christmas

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IN 2017 WE HAD:

58 Growth groups meet

129 growth group leaders

1,100 people in growth groups

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in 2017 we served:

289 people served | Guest services

884 people served | worship & production

3,642 people served | River Kidz

840 people served | new river students


7,150 hours served | guest services

7,280 hours served | Worship & production

2,690 hours served | new river students

10,926 hours served | River Kidz

8,350 Hours served | growth groups

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in 2017 online we had:

76,795 website visits

17,580 unique website visits

39,120  people watched messages online

54 countries viewed online content


total time watched

42 days 3 hours 58 mins

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in 2017 we gave:

Total Giving $1,904,776

Building/expansion: $538,441

Missions $195,654

Ministries $384,563

Operations $296,985

Ministerial Staff $309,100

Support Staff $179,900

2017 Giving breakdown

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